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Car Protection from Salt Corrosion

A car is a big investment, and you don’t want to see your investment go to waste. As such, you need to ensure that the car is readily prevented from salt corrosion, especially during winter months. How do you do that?

• Always keep your car clean and use a protective coat at all times.
• Always rinse out your car’s undercarriage to remove any traces of road salt, especially if you’ve been driving in deep snow.
• Always ensure that your chassis, hood, tires, grills, and wheels are moisture free to prevent rusting.
• Ensure that all the moisture in…

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Dangers of Skipping a Routine Oil Change

Several regularly scheduled maintenance procedures help your car run like new for longer, one being an oil change. When you visit the Service Center at Bedard Brothers Honda for an oil change, our technicians will drain and replace the old fluid with fresh, new oil. Having clean oil coursing through your engine plays a significant role in the health and performance of your vehicle, and skipping this service can be costly.


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Signs Your Ignition Requires Service

There are a number of cars throughout history with faulty ignition switches. It’s typically easy to fix. In other cases, your car may be older, and it’s time to replace your starter. If you have a new car with a faulty ignition switch, service and parts are typically covered under your warranty. In Cheshire, MA...

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