The Honda Ridgeline is a truck with a rugged and gorgeous exterior. With its chunky tires, aggressive front end and dual-chrome exhaust tips, the Ridgeline is ready to impress local Cheshire truck shoppers with its exterior appeal.

The Honda Performance Development Package (HPD) will equip your new Ridgeline truck with some great exterior accessories, such as bronze wheels, a sport grille and stunning fender flares. These bronze wheels measure 18 inches, and they are designed to make your new Honda truck command attention on local roads and trails. The HPD's sport grille uses a carbon-fiber pattern that is rather distinctive, and it is both aggressive and stylish. Finally, the fender flares included with the Honda Performance Package are tough, rugged and aesthetically pleasing.

At Bedard Brothers Honda, we believe the restyled rear and front ends of the new Honda Ridgeline will also be appealing to local drivers.


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