The Honda Fit is a smaller vehicle that still has plenty of room inside for your passengers to ride comfortably. However, it's the exterior that brings the car to life. This is a vehicle with a hatchback design, delivering the modern details that Honda is known to offer with black wheels and LED taillights.

Colors that are often available from Bedard Brothers Honda include orange, black, white, and blue with each shade a bold hue so that your car stands out on the road. A rounded design on the front of the car gives it a sleek appearance while traveling on the roads in Cheshire.

Headlights are slightly angled while still giving you the brightest light if you're driving at night. There are also fog lights on the Fit for added light when needed. Windows are slightly tinted but can be customized so that they are darker. You'll notice that the back of the vehicle sits just a bit higher than the front, adding to the sporty design of the car.



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