There are a number of cars throughout history with faulty ignition switches. It’s typically easy to fix. In other cases, your car may be older, and it’s time to replace your starter. If you have a new car with a faulty ignition switch, service and parts are typically covered under your warranty. In Cheshire, MA, drivers who notice their car’s ignition switch is slow to respond or doesn’t work anymore should bring their car in for service at Bedard Brothers Honda to get fast repairs.

Warning signs for a faulty ignition switch include starter clicking when you try to start the car, key not turning or getting stuck, forcing the key to turn, no response to push-to-start, or your car starts stalling. In some cases, your ignition switch is the either, but it could also be your car’s starter.

When your ignition switch starts to go, you’ll notice that it’s more difficult to turn the key or that dashboard lights flicker when you try to turn on the electrical system. If you get no response at all, your ignition may need to be replaced.

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